Mission Critical (CRAC and CRAH)
CLIMATEWORX IS A GLOBAL SUPPLIER OF COOLING SOLUTIONS to mission critical heat loads. With design and manufacturing capabilities, ClimateWorx consistently delivers innovative quality solutions. ClimateWorx prides itself in having multiple strengths, including fast delivery, special customization of products for clients, as well as technology in plenum fans, in-line cooling, and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Customers can choose products ranging from 1-50 tons of cooling. There are several cooling mediums to choose from, such as chilled water and refrigeration (DX) in air, water and glycol, along with combinations for dual and free cooling selections. Packaged or split indoor units are available in floor mounted up flow and down flow configurations. We also offer a complete line of wall and ceiling mounted products. Outdoor units can be mounted on the roof or the ground for ease of service and installation. We can offer a configuration that satisfies all of your mission-critical cooling needs.
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