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Gas Heat PTAC Literature
Dynaline 3
The Suburban Dynaline 3 is an economical PTAC solution that provides gas heat and high efficiency electric air conditioning for year round savings and comfort.
Dynaline™ 3 Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) combines the conventional features of compact zone control systems with the benefits of economical gas heating. It provides year-round comfort control for hotels, motels,
apartments, dormitories, shops, nursing homes, assisted living, centers, satellite offices, room, additions and other applications, that require economical heating
and cooling. Dynaline 3 is the ideal energy efficient PTAC for new construction and replacement OF electric resistance or heat pump PTAC units. Suburban Dynaline 3 is Distributed in Central Canda by Multi HVAC Inc.
Architects & Engineering Manual
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