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Packaged Heat & Cool Systems
The Suburban Dynapack is a Fully Self-Contained Heating and Cooling System That Provides Designers and Builders with a Cost Effective Alternative to Heat and Cool Multiple Rooms.

This vertical packaged air conditioner features electric cooling comfort along with high-efficiency gas heat. The DynaPack range of products features from 1 to 2 tons cooling and efficient 36 to 60 MBTU gas heat. DynaPack's direct vent design has a built-in condensing unit which offers additional cost savings for new construction design.

Each DynaPack unit can be ducted for multiple room conditioning making it ideal for multi-family applications.
Suburban DynaPack is Distributed in Central Canda by Multi HVAC Inc.
1 to 3 Tons Cooling
36 60 MBTU GAS Heat
No Outside Condensing Unit
H Series High Efficiency 90%+ TE
R-410A Refrigerant
Insulated 16 GA Coated Steel Base Pan
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