COMMERCIAL -40°C Low Ambient (PAC)
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Small BACnet BMS Solutions
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Panasonic Low Ambient PAC products provide cooling in extreme outdoor ambient conditions down to -40°C.
These units also offer long pipe runs with state of the art refrigerant and control systems.
Variable speed inverter compressors provide wide output capacities, making these systems the ideal choice
for expanding electrical and equipment rooms, as they will adjust to current and future load requirements.
Small Bacnet® BMS interfaces are available to make integration easy and inexpensive.
Multi HVAC Inc. Low Ambient Ductless Distributor, Toronto Ontario, Multi Split, Mini Split, Heat Pump, Air Conditioner, Ductless Toronto, Ductless Ontario, Toronto Ductless, Panasonic Ductless, -40, -40°C, minus 40°C, minus 40°F
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New Bacnet®
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