MULTI HVAC Inc. is a Value Added HVAC product distributor located in Toronto Ontario Canada. We have more than 35 years experience in our areas of expertise specializing in the following products:
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Multi HVAC provides pre and post sales, engineering, selection, start up and service support, as well as product and technical training.
Our clients are Consulting Engineers, Mechanical and Refrigeration Contractors, Architects and Building Owners, as well as Residential Contractors and Dealers.
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Hisense Ductless
MARVAIR and ICE (Wall Mount HVAC Units)
Panasonic Ducltless & VRF
ClimateWorx Mission Critical (CRAC and CRAH)
Dynaline Gas Heat PTAC
DynaPack VTAC
PTAC Frigidaire
MARVAIR School HVAC Systems
MARVAIR & ICE (Wall Mounted HVAC Units)
Hisense Ductless
Dynaline PTAC
Panasonic Ductless
Panasonic Extreme Low Ambient Cooling
Panasonic VRF
Frigidaire PTAC
Climateworx Mission Critical (CRAC & CRAH)
Dynapack (VTAC)
MARVAIR for School
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